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♥ About Us

MyClassyCloset was set up on 17th June 2008, providing quality fashion wear, bags & cosmetics! =D

We do supply all the things here. Do mail us for more information! :) myclassycloset@hotmail.com

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- Announcements/Updates
- Makeup Reviews

♥Makeup Magic
- 96, 120 Colors Makeup Palette
- 88 Ultra Shimmery/Original Eyeshadows
- 56, 66, 78 Colors Makeup Palettes
- 28, 72 Neutral Bridal Makeup Palette
- 26 Sexy Shadows & Blusher Combo
- 24, 40 Shimmer/Glitter Palette
- 66 Lip/Gloss Palette
- 10, 28 Blusher Palettes
- 32, 50 Colors Mini Palettes
- 6pc Contour, 10pc Gel Concealer Palettes
- 7, 16, 18, 22, 26pcs Professional Makeup Brush Sets
- Single Brushes
- Gel Eyeliners

♥Lovely Baggies
- PG Mall Spree


♥ Information

Please Send your Order(s) to:

Details to Provide:
Mailing Address:
Item Code:

Method of Payment: DBS
DBS Savings Plus 029-2-090352
(ATM/Internet-Banking Transfers)

Strictly at Tampines MRT Station only

Per Item: SGD1.50(apparels); SGD2.50(bags); SGD3.00(makeup palettes)
Registered Mail: additional SGD2.24

♥ Enquiries

Online Users
If you have any enquiries/feedback, kindly email us at myclassycloset@hotmail.com or alternatively, you may leave a message at the tagboard. We value your feedback! =D

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♥ Terms & Conditions

♥ Please note that payments should be made before collection of goods.
♥ No cancellation/change of orders once confirmed.
♥ Products are strictly NOT refundable/exchangeable.
♥ Items may be slightly different from pictures due to hue & saturation.
♥ MyClassyCloset will not be held liable for any lost mail during postage.
♥ MyClassyCloset will not be held liable for supplier's wrong despatch of items/color/size.
♥ MyClassyCloset reserves the right to alter the Terms & Conditions without prior notice.

Friday, January 9, 2009
♥ MyClassyCloset Instocks! :) ♥
♥ MyClassyCloset Instocks! ♥
Makeup Palettes & Brush Sets Instocks available at:
http://myclassycloset-makeupmagic.blogspot.com =)

All items are BRAND NEW!
Pls send your orders to:

All items can be collected within 2-3 days after payment transfer :)
FREE normal postage for all items except the ♥Makeup Magic♥ palettes.

Collection of makeup Palette: meetup @ Tampines MRT station only, strictly encouraged to prevent breakages. Otherwise postage at own risk ($3 for normal postage; $5.24 for registered postage)

Etrue Spree Bikini (only 1 hot pink left)

Etrue Spree Sleeveless Casuals (1 blue/1 hot pink)

Etrue Spree Skinnies (only 1 grey skinny left)

Flower Prints Racerback (pink)
Bust size stretchable to 86cm.

#DL002 (baby pink)
Free size. *inclusive of ribbon belt.

#TS001 (red)
Free size.

#TS002 (pink/grey*not in picture)
Free size.

#TS004 (blue)
Free size.

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